Parvathy Baul - Radha Bhava

The Bauls of Bengal consider poetry, dance and song as tools destined to take us closer to the essence that resides in each of us.  Parvathy is a young singer who is totally dedicated to her practice and is one of the rare women who follows the Baul tradition today.  Her lucid art reflects both ancestral wisdom and the inspiration of a true artist.  While she follows the pure tradition of her guru Sanathan Das Baul, she also brings her own flavour and energy to it.  Accompanied on this album by four Baul instrumentalists, she presents her vision of the mystic love that unites Radha and Krishna, a vision that the album outlines with force and conviction.

“Parvathy’s voice is entirely possessed of the mystical feeling that permeates Baul poetry and undoubtedly spreads the fragrance of awakening and compassion” (Ethnotempos)

**** du Monde de la Musique



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