To the delight of children aged 0 to 10 years old, the Ramdamjam Festival is back for a weekend dedicated entirely to the creative power of the musical melting pot.

The world’s populations and cultures continue to meet and mix. Music and dance thus become enriched, renewed, reinvented – to such an extent that it is sometimes difficult to distinguish the influences that form them today.

Created in partnership by the ADEM and MEG, the festival presents introductory activities, concerts, workshops, tales, films, educational activities and museum visits. There are as many opportunities to experiment and experience the rich cultures from here as from elsewhere.

Tickets and further information, go to Ram Dam Jam Festival's official website (French only) and Facebook !


Saturday 24 and Sunday 25 March from 9:30 am to 5 pm.
Registrations will be taken on D-day as well, from 9:30 am, at the MEG's reception, and are subject to availibility. 
Musée d'ethnographie de Genève, Boulevard Carl-Vogt 65, 1205 Genève.


Day pass: 
- 15.- per day and per children aged 0 to 10
- 10.- for 20 ans/20 francs card holders
- Free for accompanying adults (maximum 2 adults per children)


Every child must be accompanied by one adult, who will also help participate in the activities

The Festival Pass grants entry to all activities (breakfast, workshops, shows, tales, music space, projections and visits) for that day. However, the Festival Pass does not guarantee a spot in the introductory activities. In addition to the Festival Pass, enrolment at Reception is required one hour before each introductory activity, subject to availability. Two introductory activities maximum per person, per day.


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