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Workshop : Dhrupad - 8 & 9 September 2019


With Ashish Sankrityayan

This workshop aims to introduce and familiarise participants with the vocal practice of dhrupad and its methods, which are based on practices derived from yoga and find their source in the Vedic tradition of reciting mantras.

Kalarypayatt - 8th September 2019


With Heidi Rasmussen

Shômyô - 14 & 15 Septembrer, 2019


With Junko Ueda

To continue the study of  Shomyo, Junko  propose 3-4 times a year a worksho,  for the medium students and an introduction for begginners.

Singing the world - Méthode Martina A. Catella


With Clotilde Rullaud

Borrowing from the Inuit, Asian, and Tzigane traditions, this workshop highlights group performance and polyphonies. Each participant can develop their own ‘body-instrument’, indispensable to the expression of all sung or spoken sounds.



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1- Duo Rasa - Shanmukh Priya -
2- Duo Rasa - Puriya Kalyan (Surbahar) -
3- Douar Trio - Mango -
4- Douar Trio - Keyrut -