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Nabila Schwab

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Choir Practice

The Angels of Monbrillant’s repertoire reflects the group’s encounters, desires, changing environments and other day-to-day disruptions. The choir also considers itself an integral part of the Grottes neighbourhood, where they perform in various events and festivities. It’s open to all those wanting to explore their voices and mix with a group, regardless of experience – though the choir does have minimum requirements for singing with others.

The pleasure of singing…and working!

- posture adjustments

- warm-ups and vocal exploration

- learning polyphonic songs

- awareness of sound and rhythmic pulsations

- attention to musical ear and commitment


Originally from Geneva, Nabila started out in the world of show business at the age of ten (theatre, dance, music, masks). She first discovered Romanian music through learning the flute with Marco Jaccoud, a Geneva musician. She continued her research into Balkan music thanks to a meeting with the American trumpet player, Dave Douglas, with whom she formed a duo.

Coming back from the States in 1993, Nabila founded a choir, called the Angels of Monbrillant. She continues to develop music teaching based on Balkan music and vocal experimentation.

Furthermore, she regularly runs singing workshops in various schools and institutions and is currently collaborating with the Ateliers d’ethnomusicologie by introducing modules of Balkan songs into primary schools.


Choeur Artichaut
ADEM Maraichers - 44, rue des Maraichers
1205 Geneva

Les Anges de Montbrillant
Maison des Habitants de l'Ilôt 13 - 14
rue de Montbrillant
1201 Genève


Choeur Artichaut :
Mondays, 19h-20h45 (mixted choeur)

Les Anges de Montbrillant :
Tuesdays, 19h30-21h15  (advanced)


Choeur Artichaut :
CHF 60 monthly, payement by quarter

Les Anges de Montbrillant :
CHF 50 monthly, payement by quarter


T : 022 740 25 59 
Email :

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